Rural Property AdVentures

Rural Property AdVentures

Rural Specialty Property

Canvas & Treehouse LifeStyle

Secure Opportunity

Limited Owners



Outdoor LifeStyle
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Background on Me:


My name is Robby Bearden from Ms, the owner of RPA. I have always been facinated with specialty rural property all my life. I was born on a large Ms. Delta farm  and live there till I was 18. I attended college for over 2.5 years then went to work for Resort Vacations International at 20.  I enjoyed those years traveling, learning the industry and  working at various properties showing people how to enjoy such a property. After 13 years, I moved back to Ms. I have  been married over 17 years to a wonderful lady, live on a 25 acre farm near Pelahatchie, Ms. and  I LOV E the outdoors.
     *  Unique Canvas and or Treehouse LifeStyle of living
  • Private Acres to roam
  • VIP access to other areas of the property
  •  Monetary Pool
  • Position Pool
  • Beautiful Landscaped Lot
  • All Adult Property
  • Limited Ownership Packages
  • An Adult ONLY property
  • Amenities/Activities
  • Private Entrance
  • More

Rural Property AdVentures (RPA): Plan

  • Opportuntity
  • Secure
  • A Healthy Clean LifeStyle
  • Short & Long Rewards
  • River Access
  • Canoe, Kayak, Fishing, More
  • Specialty Services
  • Never Overcrowded
  • Pet Friendly
  • A NoSmoking Property
  • Treehouse / Canvas Style Rentals
  • Agri products growns at property
  • More
  Over the last 8 years, I have been targeting  various parts of Tennessee researching this very specific area of real estate for a reason.  Tennessee  brought in over 9 BILLION Dollars in 2013 in the Agribusiness and Outdoor Recreation Industries combined and growing. The Outdoor Recreation Industry in Tennessee was up over 35% in 2014 and very specific rural property is on a trending move for years to come.
   My company will target specialty rural riverfront properties that offer Opportunity, Adventure, Greenery, Potential Income Streams and Riverfront.  It will be set up as a working Micro Recreational Agribusiness/Outdoor Recreation property.  My company does all the footwork and development and You as an Owner, will reap lots of Benefits not offered in real estate. Over these years I have studied very specific markets due to I wanted to combined all these industries into a property on a micro development plan.
  Today, I have what I feel the Best of the Best in the targeted industries to make this one of the most AdVenturous journey's. It offers a Beautiful property, Limited Owners, Opportunity, Secure, Fun and much more.  Send an Email stating your interest and we will send you information on the first offered property.